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field metrics

See what's working on the front line.

  • Easily collect and manage your own metrics
  • Compare results to those doing similar work
  • Share your metrics and outcomes with funders and donors

Ideal for:    FoundationsNonprofitsGovernment

field metrics FREE


Increase donations through your donors' social networks.

  • Enable your donors to broadcast their giving via social media
  • Expand awareness of your mission and programs
  • Know more about your donors and their influence

Ideal for:    Nonprofits

givn Free

inside data

See the impact of your work.

  • Quickly get the information you need to make quality decisions
  • Gain visually intuitive feedback about what's working and where
  • Readily spot issues and trends

Ideal for:    FoundationsNonprofitsGovernment

inside data

macro trends

Measure and understand areas of interest.

  • Compare results and benchmark performance
  • Identify current outliers and trends in populations and geographies
  • Forecast performance, trends, and outcomes

Ideal for:    FoundationsNonprofitsGovernment

macro trends


See where and how funding is allocated.

  • Understand the context of the role you play
  • Learn who is funding what you care about
  • See gaps and opportunities you can leverage

Ideal for:    FoundationsNonprofitsGovernment


grant match

Connect with others who share your mission.

  • Find funders to support your projects
  • Identify nonprofits that most closely align with your mission
  • Spot collaboration opportunities based on shared goals

Ideal for:    FoundationsNonprofitsGovernment

grant match

expert view

Share insights for the greater good.

  • Learn from others to create high impact programs
  • Share and expand knowledge to affect larger-scale change
  • Exchange ideas with thought leaders, domain experts, and peers

Ideal for:    FoundationsNonprofitsGovernment

expert view